Taking Long Shutter Images

Many seascape photographs illustrate the sea as some sort of cloud, or as smooth silk, this is done through long exposure.

First of all, the settings most commonly used are as follows:

  • Lens: 
    • Preferably a wide angle lens (18mm or less). This is to capture most of the detail in landscapes.
  • Aperture:
    • High aperture will lead to more things coming into focus, thus objects  will look sharp throughout the image.
    • To get a watery silk effect, the aperture has to be high to let in less light and ultimately have a longer shutter speed.
  • Shutter Speed
    • Depending on the condition of the sea, water can become blurry from around a second or more.

It is important to have a sturdy tripod when taking such shots because the image will be ruined if the camera moves.

When I was taking this image, I also took some video clips for the video to demonstrate how these shots are taken. This will ultimately go towards my final video product. In order to get an idea before hand of what I needed to do on my video I conducted some research and was inspired a certain photographer which also sells the same services:


I decided to watch a few of his videos on youtube.com and created a rough storyboard on how I wanted to construct my video.

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