DVD Cover & Story Board

For the advert I decided to create a DVD cover which will be sold and advertised over the web. The DVD “Introduction to Photography” was created using mainly two software: Adobe Lightroom & Adobe Photoshop.

CLICK HERE for the advert image.

Camera settings:

  1. ISO 100 (less grain & more detail)
  2. Focal Length: 18mm (widest the lens can go)
  3. Aperture: f/11 (larger DOF)
  4. Shutter Speed: 2.0sec (blurry water effect)

I conducted the following steps with Adobe Lightroom:

  1. Leveled the image as it was slanting slightly.
  2. Applied an orange graduated filter to compliment the sunset, since I did not have an orange filter for the camera.
  3. Adjusted the colors to be more vibrant as the raw file’s colors were a bit dull.
  4. Exported two images, once with sharpened rocks and the other with smoother water. These will be merged in Photoshop.

I then moved to Adobe Photoshop CS5 in order to construct the advert/cover:

  1. Searched the fonts that I required which I found on www.dafont.com.
  2. Edited the main image with Lightroom, but then used Photoshop for the finishing touches.
  3. I set the name of the DVD at the top because it is more natural for the eye to spot.
  4. I chose a soft grey for the title to contrast the light blue sky.
  5. I put a slight opaque banner behind the text which will provide a visual anchor and also more contrast framing the text nicely.
  6. Inserted a sound logo and HD DVD logo to put at the bottom of my advert.
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