Video Intro Finalized

Just finalized the intro to the video, I am quite pleased with the result. The video can be seen on:

Technical goodies:

Tutorials I used: which showed a smarter way to work, panning and using a 1 point camera.

The whole focus for both the intro and the conclusion were the images, so what better way to show a lot of images than a 3D photo montage to really grasp the attention of viewers?

  1. Constructed the background in Photoshop which is a gradient from white to light grey with a stripy pattern vaguely visible.
  2. Created the working plane (1280p x 720p), set time limit to 2 minuets.
  3. I then created another composition with the same settings, only this time I set the time limit to 30 seconds which will be the time limit for my introduction.
  4. I created another composition 4000px X720px for the panning that will be used in the introduction (To move the whole composition not the images invividually).
  5. Then I imported the composition into the Introduction and changed it into a 3D model. By importing different compositions into one it ensures that the changes I make on one composition will be applied to the entire video without major consequences.
  6.  Next I added a camera. The camera settings were left as default, ensuring the one pivot point camera.
  7. I then set to panning the video using the position and orientation of the camera working mainly with the X & Z coordinates. The orientation of the camera allowed me to pivot it on its point while moving thus enhancing the scrolling effect.
  8. I ended by zooming through the image and having the logo and the name of the DVD represented by fading in. The fading effect of the logo was done through a layer mask.
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