Finally Finished the Video Advertisement

After finishing the end of the video to display the DVD cover and the link to where the DVD can be bought, I went out with my brother who was my cameraman for the day, and shot the actual tutorial which will be the main chunk of the video.

The video can be seen on:

Technical Goodies:

So I went out and took the actual video tutorials today, before going out I decided to construct a bullet point script to help me remember what I wanted to say in this video. I wanted to cover the following:

  • Intro:
    • Welcome
    • Name of DVD & “Comapny”
  • Starting of tutorial
    • Location
    • Importance of Equipment
    • Equipment being used
    • Settings
  • Show result

The actual script can be downloaded from the original blog:

However I quickly found out that I had to cut most of the content as I had gone over the 2 minuet mark just for the tutorial mark. Thus I cut some parts and made the video shorter on the second take.

I then went back on my computer, edited the image I took to be able to demonstrate it in the video, imported the clips and the image of the settings that I had done with Photoshop and also imported the intro and ending compositions into the whole video. I then stabilized the video and added some sound effects which completed my video.

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